Wedding season is in full peak and lots of brides finishing off all their last minute preparations. Where do beauty treatments come in? This can actually be really stressful, trying to work out what to do when and what should go first etc. Brides will often ask for advice so I have teamed up with Justyna at Guinot Salon who helped me prep for my own big day last year, and we’ve put together the ultimate step-by-step plan to getting yourself ready for your wedding day.


Start looking into makeup artists and hair stylists. I get booked up to a year in advance for wedding makeup on popular dates. To find the perfect stylist for you I always recommend looking at their style of work on their websites and social channels plus checking their reviews.

I also always try and book in a phone call with brides to have a chat and discuss everything through, it is really important you like the stylist and will get on well, as they are going to be with you right up to the last minute before you say “I Do.”


Visit a beauty salon for a consultation to discuss your skincare needs and plan a treatment programme. Your personalised treatment plan will depend on the current condition of your skin and the expectations you may have. Be prepared – even ‘good’ skin might require a minimum of three hydrating facials to create a smooth base for your make-up.

According to my therapist, Justyna: “Brides-to-be often break out closer to the big day due to stress, detoxing diets and overdoing it on harsh ‘at home’ skin care remedies. For those emergencies it’s good to have a professional who knows your skin.”


Start your monthly facials if you haven’t already. Leaving it until last minute might result in overstimulation and purging if you are very congested. A skin care professional will schedule your facials to ensure radiant, hydrated, smooth skin for your big day.

It’s not just your face you need to look after. Is your dress showing off your back or shoulders? “At Guinot we can adapt our signature facial. Hydradermie Youth treats breakouts and congestion on the back as well.” says Justyna.

Start to work on your daily skin care routine. I always recommend brides to start cleansing, toning and moisturising every morning and night, plus using a face scrub 2-3 times a week and a mask once a week. Take the advice from your consultation as to which products are going to work best for you.


Make sure you have had your hair and makeup trials by now. I always recommend brides have bought their dress before the trial,

as this will affect the hair and makeup style. Try to have your makeup trial in daylight, this way you can see how it will look

on the day. You will also then get to wear it throughout the day, this will help you to get used to wearing the makeup and see how well it lasts.

If you’re thinking of having a fake tan, it is best to try it before the makeup trial, this way you can see how everything will look altogether. I use the brand Sienna-X for my spray tans, it can be a very natural all over glow or more of a sun kissed look if that is what you want for the big day. It is great to have a trial to work out exactly which shade is best for you.


Have a body scrub to prep the skin for fake tan. If you’re planning on looking like a natural, bronzed goddess, preparation is key. Thorough exfoliation will ensure there are no dry patches for the tan to cling onto and develop in a slightly darker colour. Speak to your salon and discuss body scrub options available. Note that scrub is best done a day before any waxing as it will help with any ingrown hair.

Make sure you take off any unwanted hair towards the end of the week, close enough to the big day for no regrowth, but with

enough days to allow for any redness and reaction to fade.

Justyna tells me that “Guinot’s patented waxing system uses synthetic resin and its unique application method guarantees that hair is pulled out with the root and risk of ingrowing hair is minimised. Although the method looks very similar to traditional strip and hot wax, the lower melting temperature and the fact the product doesn’t stick to the skin too much, means that it is suitable even for the most sensitive of skin, as the heat and pulling on the skin is minimal.”

She adds: “We also use a special serum post hair removal to slow down regrowth, and have products you can use at home to help as well.”

If you have very fair brows and lashes you may want to consider tinting them. Justyna tells me that a good salon will ALWAYS carry out a patch test before proceeding with the treatment, so plan for this in advance.

It would be a great time to book in with your hair dresser and get your hair dyed/ highlighted now. I had a glossing treatment at Headmasters just before my wedding to make my hair super shiny.


Pedicure and manicure time! Shellac or Gelish will ensure long lasting shine without the risk of chipping. Brides no longer have to just stick to a french manicures. I do a lot of brides with glitter, or gold and silver designs. Be brave and sparkle on your big day.

If you are having eye lash extensions, I would recommend having them on the Tuesday if you are getting married on the Saturday Permanent lashes will last up to 6 weeks, so they are perfect for brides jetting off on honeymoon after the wedding as they will last the holiday as well. These are also great to do a practice run with to check the volume and length you like best. Lots of my clients book in before their hen do so they can have great lashes for that too!

Book your spray tan for 2 days before, this way you will have a whole day to let the tan settle. Also you may be a bit busy the night before! I offer spray tan parties as one of my services, it’s a great way for the bride and her bridesmaids to all get together just before the wedding and also get pampered.

Avoid the sun! Strap marks and being a shade of pink are not a good look to go with your wedding dress.


Escape the madness of preparations and treat yourself and your husband-to-be with a couple’s massage! I recently had a lovely, very relaxing massage with Xperiencefit. What is great about these guys is they can come to your wedding venue so you don’t have to add the extra stress of travelling anywhere. Or if you are spending the night with your bridal party then you can book in multiple people and have a full on pamper evening, taking it in turns to have your massage whilst everyone else is doing any last minute preparations. The perfect way to relax and take some time out before the big day. They also offer packages so you can book in a few sessions in the lead up to the big day to help you get through all the stressful wedding preparations. To find out more and book in visit:

Drink lots of water! Don’t drink too much alcohol, as it will dehydrate your skin and make you look puffy on the day.

DO NOT try to squeeze any unwanted breakouts that appear overnight! Broken skin, or a weeping sore is very hard to cover with

makeup. Ice them instead to bring down the swelling. Justyna recommends an old make-up artist’s trick: “Try some redness reducing eye drops. Their vaso-constricting properties will reduce the redness”

DO hydrate. Lots and lots! Hydrated skin makes the make-up look flawless.

It’s the BIG DAY!

Sit back and relax and let your hair and makeup artists do all the hard work! Look out for next week’s blog on how to guarantee your makeup lasts all day.