My top beauty treatments to make you feel good this January!

I love massages, facials, acupuncture and all holistic treatments! I can’t recommend them enough for making you feel good. But sometimes changing your appearance can give you that extra little boost of life that we all need in January. Yes, it is only on the surface, but it’s all about taking a little bit of time for you, and making you feel good about yourself, not just about how you look to the outside world!

Number 1: 

Painting your nails a fun colour! I currently have baby blue nails, not my usual go to nail colour, but every time I look at them it is making me smile! If you don’t want a bright colour on your hands, then paint your toenails nice and bright instead. No one else will even see your toes in January but when you get out of bed or in the shower, I guarantee if you are anything like me and you see bright pink or purple or orange toes looking back at you it will put a smile on your face.

Number 2: 

Get your self a new hairstyle!

I decided to completely change my hairstyle! I dyed it dark, got 3 inches cut off and a fringe cut in!! I really wanted a full new look, and it has made me feel great! When you change your hair so dramatically, it will change the colours that suit you and will mean you have to change your makeup. Spending more time on your make up and wearing new colours really helps to give me a new love for my makeup and makes me excited about trying out new products. You really don’t have to do anything as dramatic as I did, just a few inches cut off or adding some slightly darker highlights will help you feel good. And if you don’t want to do anything permanent try going for a professional blow dry, this always makes me feel like a celebrity, and I walk around for the rest of the day swishing my hair about.

Number 3: 

Has got to be a spray tan!! This is the time of the year when we can’t even remember what sunshine looks like! Yesterday was so grey and dark I barely knew it was daytime. A spray tan makes me feel a 100% better, I look in the mirror and don’t see a pasty actually slightly grey face staring back at me and instantly I feel better. I don’t know why psychologically a tan can have such an affect on your mood, maybe because I now feel like I am away on holiday in peak summer and not stuck in England in January, but it really does.


And remember we are nearly half way through January! Wahoooo


Becca x