One of my favourite trends of 2017 was glitter!!! Glitter started to be worn as Make-up at festivals and could be seen from guys with it in their beards to girls going completely topless and just using glitter to cover their modesty. Glitter was taking over and has spread to people now wearing it not just to festivals but to party and just general nights out! I have been giving clients glitter makeup looks for hen parties, birthday parties and nights out. If you want to recreate the look yourself then follow my top tips below!
Here are my tips to recreate the glittery look!
You will need:
Duo Glue
Chunky glitter
Cotton buds
Make sure the skin is clean so the glitter will stick and apply the glue in the areas desired with a cotton bud. You can chose to have the glitter under the eye like I did (also great for covering up your bags!) or around the side of the eye.
Use the glue to get the shape right, as wherever you put the glue the glitter will stick fast. It’s easier to start off with less as you will soon find out that taking glitter off is not the easiest thing to do.
Once the shape is correct pick up the glitter with your finger and press gently onto the glued areas. There will be mess!!!! Glitter loves to go everywhere, so  maybe do it over the sink or even outside.
Once on, it should stay stuck but if needed you can always add extra glue to any little gaps. Duo glue is great because it is white so you can see where you are putting it but it will then dry clear.
Duo glue can be brought at:
MAC also have a great selection of glitters you may want to use but if you want to try out a chunkier glitter or if you want go for shapes like stars etc then try for a great selection.


Have fun, and remember in my opinion, the more glitter the better!!


Becca x