With the start of wedding season this is a very common question I have been asked these last few weeks.

It is not just brides who need their makeup to last all day, but if you are a guest at a wedding or going to a party or even just want your makeup to last for every day the below tips will help make this happen.

First things first is prepping the skin, cleanse, tone and moisturising is a must! You wouldn’t apply paint to a surface that has not been specifically prepped and the same is for makeup. You then want to choose a primer that suits your skin type, Laura Mercier has a great selection, if you find your skin get oily quickly you will need a shine free primer and if your skin is dry you will want the one specifically for this, otherwise you will find the makeup will go flakey.

Next up foundation, I will do a blog specifically on finding the perfect foundation for you, but one of the key points here is to always use a brush. This way you get an even layer, if you apply too much it will not last! You want to set the foundation with a powder, my favourite is MAC’s translucent powder. Apply with a large, soft brush by gently patting all over. I also recommending taking the powder with you incase you start to have shine later on in the day. Especially in the summer if it is hot or on a night out if you are hitting the dance floor.

For your eyes I recommend using water proof liner and mascara if you know that they often smudge on you. Also make sure you powder enough around the eye area to stop the makeup from smudging. It is also very important to have a good base on the eyelids if you are applying shadow. I don’t tend to use a specific eye primer but apply foundation and powder all over, this will stop the eyeshadow from creasing. Another must for the eye area is your brows!! I apply my eyebrows first thing in the morning, I literally never go out with them. I use Beautiful Brows and they are sweat proof, water proof, smudge proof, when they are on they are really on, I go to the gym with them done and they stay looking perfect.

Lips if the one thing you may have to touch up throughout the day, always try and make sure your lips are well moisturised before applying lipstick, but even so I would recommend taking a tinted lipgloss with you.