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So many people do it but few people like to talk openly about it…
So let’s talk about BOTOX.

So how do we know where to go to? Will it hurt? Will I look like a freak?! and so many other questions. As a Makeup Artist working up close with clients, it is something I often get asked about. So I have been speaking to Dr Nathan at Edit Aesthetics and together we will answer the questions everyone wants to know.

What is Botox?
“Botox” is an excellent treatment that will temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles and it will also help improve skin quality and reduce sweating.
A cosmetic result is achieved by selectively relaxing muscle groups, for a desired aesthetic effect.

How long will it take to work?
After Botox injections a smoothing effect is seen within 5-7 days, with effects lasting about 3-6 months.

Will it hurt?
Dr Nathan says, ‘it will feel like a sharp scratch.’ Surprisingly, I didn’t find it painful and I could hardly feel it at all!

Will I get bruising?
Dr Nathan uses ‘invisible’ needles, which are the thinnest needles you can get. This is to eliminate bleeding as much as possible which will help prevent the bruising. I personally had no bruising at all, and you wouldn’t have even noticed the little dots where the needles had gone in on my forehead.

Will I look like I can’t move my face?
It is a big fear for a lot of people and it is a misconception that this is the typical results from Botox. The ‘frozen’ look is achieved from having a large amount of Botox injected. Whilst it is certainly possible, it is a look only some want and choose to have.
People are now choosing to have a more subtle, natural look to leave you looking more refreshed and photogenic, or less tired. You may have heard the term “baby Botox” and this is the technique of using smaller amounts from early on to prevent the wrinkles forming in the first place!

Will anyone notice?
I noticed the wrinkles iron out and the frown line that I was concerned about reduce dramatically in size and people would say “you look well” or “you look less tired” but no-one asked whether I had Botox.

Will I have to continue forever?
No, if you have it once and then never again your lines will be no worse than before. It’s the perfect treatment before a big event like a birthday or wedding as it improves the texture and quality of the skin.

Will my lines reduce over time?
“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Starting before the wrinkles set in will slow down the formation and counteract the ageing process. The difference in my frown line is huge, even when I didn’t have Botox for a while, the frown line did not go back to any way near as prominent as it was.

What aftercare will I need to follow?
Dr Nathan explained that I should use the muscles a lot in the first few hours afterwards. I was lifting my eyebrows and scrunching my nose, it looked hilarious but I do think it worked as I could definitely see a big improvement after just a couple of days.
You will need to sit upright for 4-6 afterwards and avoid touching the area.
The next day you can put makeup on, but make sure to use clean hands/brushes to avoid infection.
Avoid alcohol, exercise, steam and sauna for 24 hours to prevent unwanted spread.

My results

No filter on this photo!

All previous photos, the first thing I would notice is my lines in my forehead, so pleased I no longer have that worry. I even used to have a full fringe to cover this up.

I am so happy with the results after my initial treatment. I felt like I could see a difference in just a few days. I can still move my forehead, and I definitely do not have the frozen look, and this is the perfect amount for me. The frown line has always been my major concern and that is now barely noticeable, I also had the lines on my forehead injected for the first time and love the results hear. I can’t recommend Dr Nathan enough, even my mum has now seen him for a treatment and she has always been too scared to get anything done in the past. But after meeting him and him reassuring she would not be having anything drastic done, she went ahead and she too is so pleased with the results.

See below for the not so flattering close ups! But where you can really see the difference in the before and afters!

Edit Aesthetics is led by Dr Nathan, a cosmetic doctor trained in London with a specialist interest in facial aesthetics.
Having trained in facial aesthetics and microsurgery, at Harley street (UK), UCLA (USA) and Athens (Europe), he has extensive knowledge and expertise. Edit Aesthetics is proud to offer a bespoke package to enhance client’s features and to deliver natural results, rather than a one size fits all treatment.

Dr Nathan will be setting up a clinic in my home beauty room. The first clinic will be available on the 6th August and there will be a 10% discount on any bookings on this date! Anti-wrinkle injections start from £225 and dermal filler from £250.

Please contact me on for further information.

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